Cold Chain Logistics

Have you ever imagined how fruits from other countries reach your house still staying fresh or those emergency drug is made available to critical patients at various hospitals across the globe or remote destinations without compromising their quality or contents? Ice creams which we all love during a hot summer day or just to cool things down are manufactured at mega factories outside the city, they travel through that scorching heat across many miles yet they reach our supermarkets just as they left the factory and not end up becoming ice cream shake.

They are many other examples that we can look at that needs a meticulous logistics planning ensuring our daily dose of milk to chocolates maintain their form or doesn’t get spoiled during the whole supply chain or logistics process they are subjected to All these highly perishable products/ commodities need a different kind of logistics which involves temperature control or they need to be carried across the whole logistical chain by an uninterrupted temperature controlled process. 

Cold chain logistics as it is called is a temperature controlled supply chain. It is used to extend and ensure the shelf life of products such as pharmaceutical drugs, fresh produce, meat, etc. Cold chain logistics is a series of storage and distribution activity that is fully temperature controlled or maintain a particular given temperature range. Maintaining cold chain product integrity across the entire supply chain demands rigorous processes and cold chain expertise. Given the pharmaceutical industry’s strong pipelines for personalized medicines, the demand for a cold supply chain has never been greater.