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Laurus Group, led by Dr. Ajay Sankar and Mrs. Vandana Ajay, has rapidly become a major player in India’s business landscape. They’ve achieved significant milestones by dedicating themselves to hard work and vision. The group has ventured into various sectors like Logistics, Training, HR services, and Consulting, thanks to their wealth of experience. Their success story is rooted in foresight, planning, and a commitment to excellence. They’ve embraced challenges, earning recognition across India. Beyond business, Laurus Group is dedicated to social causes, striving to improve lives and bring happiness. Dr. Ajay Sankar, the founder, is experienced in diverse training areas like sales, marketing, and strategic management. Mrs. Vandana Ajay handles the administrative aspects, bringing her management studies background to the group.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster social and economic growth by empowering a skilled workforce in information technology. We aim to create individuals capable of accessing, analyzing information, and continually evolving towards their goals, making a meaningful impact."

Laurus: Training & HR

Laurus Institute in Kochi, Kerala, pioneered logistics training in 2011 when it was new to India. We've placed over 1000 professionals in logistics and supply chain roles across India and globally, making our graduates highly sought after.

Our vision

Laurus aspires to drive social mobility through superior higher education. From beginners to professionals, we cater to diverse individuals. Our graduates are well-prepared for today's job challenges. Our aim is to create value, earn trust, exceed expectations, and empower people.

Reasons to choose us


    Our community engagement job fairs and apprentice workshops, bring local businesses together to boost social value, contract opportunities and provide a unique platform for students.
    We have invested heavily in our campuses to provide you with the latest technology and high quality teaching. We are proud of our high standards and have a strong success record in helping students achieve their potential.

    From sports to social events, we have lots going on outside the classroom to help you develop the skills you need for work and life, make friends and enjoy learning. Be a social responsible human being.

Laurus Logistics Academy: Where Success Finds its Route

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