4 reasons to study an MBA in logistics (that have nothing to do with finding a job)

When it comes to an MBA, people tend to focus on the earning potential that the degree offers; however, there are other reasons to study an MBA in logistics. To help you determine if an MBA in logistics is right for you, this article lists four reasons why it might be a good fit even if you don’t plan to pursue logistics as your main career path after graduation. MBA In Logistics

1) A valid and efficient certification

One of the most common misconceptions about logistics is that it only focuses on transporting goods. Logistics is much more than just transporting goods – it encompasses all the elements of the supply chain, from manufacturing and procurement to inventory management, distribution and customer service. Those who completed MBA in Logistics Management or Supply Chain Management are marketable because they understand how these facets work together.

2) You’ll learn about every stage of the supply chain

An MBA in logistics prepares you for every stage of the supply chain, from sourcing raw materials and getting them to the factory floor all the way through getting that finished product on store shelves. It teaches you how to manage budgets and planning, as well as understand industry-specific principles like lean manufacturing and just-in-time production. Plus, there are so many other benefits besides just landing a great job.

3) Ample job growth prospects

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that, by the year 2022, there will be over 1.1 million new jobs opening up in the logistics field. That’s more than any other occupation! In fact, many of these positions will even require an advanced degree. Logistics is one of the fastest-growing industries out there, and it has plenty of room for both new graduates and seasoned professionals.

4) You’ll gain a global perspective

An international perspective is one of the most valuable skills you can take away from an MBA program. MBA In Logistics programs will equip you with the tools and skills necessary for success in a global economy. The world is getting smaller and we’re quickly developing into one big community. Studying Logistics will open you up to international job opportunities, and allow you to gain a global perspective.