• Mastering Movement, Defining Logistics

    Well-managed logistics can provide a competitive edge by offering faster delivery, better service, and lower costs.

  • Logistics Excellence: Beyond Boundaries

    Optimized logistics can reduce transportation, storage, and inventory costs, leading to higher profitability.

  • Crafting Connections, One Mile at a Time

    Robust logistics systems can help businesses better respond to disruptions and changes in the global marketplace.

  • Efficiency in Motion, Logistics in Action

    Timely deliveries, accurate order fulfillment, and proper handling of goods contribute to customer satisfaction.


    Learn professional programs in  Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the industrial experts . Get trained from the  highly experienced Industry Professionals.

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    Warehousing and Distribution Freight Forwarding Supply Chain Management E-commerce Logistics
    Warehousing and Distribution Freight Forwarding Supply Chain Management E-commerce Logistics

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    Every individual wants to be the best. To achieve professionalgoals in life, students have to achieve specialized education in their interested area. Laurus Logistics Institute is involved in facilitating international quality training that creates students highly employable with the professional training.

    Scope of Logistics

    Logistics is the main piller of global economy. Logistics started with people and will continue till people exists. There have been revolutionary changes with the technological advancements. Now, any distance is a matter of few hours. Now, The world has became a global village. Entrepreneurs are able to develop their businesses globally. Everyone is now enjoying the benefits of everything available in the globe sitting even at a remote place. these are possible only with the support of logistics. Now you imagine about the opportunities in the sector!

    Career-Logistics & Supply Chain Management

    Jobs Titles in the field of logistics and supply chain management include  Customer Service Manager, Fulfillment Supervisor, Supply Chain Analyst, Consultant, International Logistics Manager, Transportation Manager, Warehouse Operations Manager, Export Executive, Expeditor, Purchasing Manager, Shipping Coordinator ,Supply Chain Software Manager, Supply Chain Managers. As a Logistics Manager, candidate can earn an average salary around Rs.8 lacs per year. Salaries will vary upon the years of experience, working location, position and educational level of the employee.

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