The Rise of Cold Chain Logistics

As India started the distribution of COVID-19 vaccination from the Serum Institute of India’s facility in Pune in Maharashtra kick started on January 16, the transportation of this vaccine involved a whole lot of planning the entire logistics functions. The pre-Covid era saw cold chain logistics as a need only by a few business verticals […]

Emerging Supply Chain and Logistical Solutions

The logistics and supply chain sector have witnessed an unprecedented wrath from the Novel Corona virus pandemic since when it started during the early months of 2020, is slowing seeing a potential of a powerful comeback with companies exhibiting immense potential and growth. The multiple challenges like labour shortage, cargo holdup, manufacturing slowdown, delayed orders, […]

How Logistics Sector is evolving in India post pandemic

    The widespread pandemic which hit most countries across the world has sent most business establishments into a downward spiral during the initial days. Most industries were standing at a never-ending tunnel and there was no light visible at the other end staring at lost opportunities, but some however, did not get ramified by […]

Logistics in India

When you ask people if they know about logistics, the standard response would be about transporting goods. What they don’t know is that logistics is more than just transporting goods alone, it is a process that ensures proper and smooth movement of products or services in the entire supply chain resulting in proper and timely […]

The last man standing even during pandemic “Supply Chain – The Hero”

There was a time when people enjoyed a beer named Corona on a hot summer day to cool them down. Today the name corona brings jitters to everyone across the globe and the stigma associated with covid-19 the sibling on corona virus. Sadly, but truly COVID-19 has put us all into a standstill situation, which […]

Technology Changing the Logistical Industry

Technology Changing the Logistical Industry In today’s world technology plays a major role in everyday life, from wearable devices, robotic machines, drones to cloud computing, hence it is important that one must stay abreast and updated with all the latest that technology can offer that not only simplifies our lives, but also makes us deliver […]

Blockchain Technology

In today’s digital world everyone from a school going kid to homemakers to professionals across the globe have access to the internet, a smartphone or computer which is making digital security the biggest threat. Whenever a person is on the internet, there is always this thought in mind asking “is someone watching over my shoulder” […]